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The LIFE Soria ForestAdapt project aims to increase the resilience of southern European forests to climate change by including adaptive measures in public and private forest management plans.

The foundation for a gradual modification of forest management plans throughout the province of Soria will be used as a technical reference for forest management with climate change adaptation measures, as this province has been an example of forest management since the Middle Ages.

The project will cover 200,000 hectares of public forest and will also have an impact on afforestation programs on private lands, especially agricultural lands.

The aim is to extend the model to the rest of the Region of Castile and Leon, and to the rest of Spain and southern Europe.


Rural development

Contribute to the development of European policies through Rural Development Programs.


Climate change

Contribute to the Spanish and regional Climate Change strategies


Forest management

Improving knowledge and monitoring of adaptation measures, linking ecosystem management and adaptation strategies in forest management plans.



Developing and demonstrating innovative silvicultural practices that can be replicated.


FSC and PEFC certification

Develop and apply on a larger scale an extended methodology derived from LIFE AgriAdapt to assess the vulnerability of forest stands and support decision making (FSC and PEFC certification indicators).



European/global scale replication of the methodology (FSC Certification and PEFC Certification), using the tools of the FSC and PEFC certifications, and the indicators of adaptation of forest management to climate change.


EU Climate Change

Contribute to the EU Climate Change Adaptation Strategy: Action 4: Close the knowledge gap; Action 5: Develop climate ADAPT for adaptation information; Action 6: Facilitate climate proofing of the CAP.



Focus adaptation measures especially on soil conservation and carbon sequestration, biodiversity conservation and air quality.



Replicable adaptation measures for relict forest ecosystems threatened by climate change (Pinus uncinata, Juniperus thurifera, Taxus baccata, etc.).



Involve the private sector in financing adaptive measures as a supplement to carbon footprint compensation measures in the forestry sector.